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A Step-By-Step Guide to LEGALLY promote your CBD Business and drive conversion without getting banned (Tried and True Marketing Strategies Including Social Media Checklists AND a Fill-In Marketing Worksheet)

Why This Packet?

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Would you like to:

  • Learn legal ways to create paid ads for CBD products?
  • Figure out the right strategies to drive traffic to your CBD, Hemp, or medical marijuana business?
  • Get access to expert marketing secrets to boost your bottom line?

Some of What's Included:

CBD Marketing

The key points of successful CBD promotion, online and offline. This includes a list of 5 Ways to Market Your CBD Company LEGALLY

SEO and Content Creation

SEO practices to make you stand out, PLUS a list of best email marketing strategies, tailored to the industry.

Social Media Marketing

Pro tips and tricks to help you build a loyal following on key social media. And the regulations to help you do it legally.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Content Creation Checklists

Use these checklists to always stay on top of your marketing efforts and streamline your business operations.

CBD Marketing Roadmap

A detailed blueprint to help you elevate your marketing team to the next level and marketing worksheet you and your team can fill in

Tips and Tricks that we've used for our clients

REAL ads and marketing strategies we've used with our own clients. And the data to help you succeed in the CBD, hemp, and THC industries.

Promote Your Business with Our Proven Techniques!

You’re in the right place! Crafted by marketing specialists at the #1 PR agency in New York, this book has everything you need to start promoting CBD products WITHOUT any legal hassle.

The CBD industry has experienced tremendous growth. Of course, you want to do better than your competitors, but there are so many legal hoops to jump through. Each social media platform has different rules and regulations for CBD promotion. One wrong step could get your entire account banned.


Still, there are ways to bypass these strict rules and get your CBD brand seen and recognized by many. In this book, we outline 5 legal ways to skyrocket your sales and drive targeted traffic to your business.

This is what you’ll find inside:

✓ Top 5 Marketing Practices for CBD – $40
✓ CBD Social Media Checklist – $40
✓ Roadmap for CBD Marketing – $50
✓ Marketing Strategy Fill-In Worksheet –  $20

* $150 TOTAL VALUE *


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YES, it's

for beginners, too!

Get the

Even if you don’t have a clue about social media marketing for CBD, you’ll find this book easy to follow and implement.

What you’re getting is a step-by-step guide to effective and legal top-level marketing strategies, so don’t waste another second!

Launch your business into the stratosphere!

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